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Danish Language Resources


I started learning Danish through Duolingo in December 2014. I had spent a considerable effort throughout 2012 picking up German due to its importance in the insurance industry and my dissertation studies. But, like a lot of things, it got set aside. I picked up German again through Duolingo in November of 2014, but set it aside in favor of Danish when it became available through the Android app.

I was motivated to learn Danish for sillier reasons. We had just booked a family vacation to Iceland. Seeing that Icelandic was not available through Duolingo, Danish made some sense. First, Danish is compulsory for Icelandic students (as is English). Further, Icelandic and Danish are fairly closely related, so it might help. This turned out well, since road signs and menus in Icelandic were fairly intelligible after completing, roughly, two-thirds of the Danish Duolingo course in three months. Norwegian Bokmål might have made more sense, but the course was not yet available.

This page exists to collect resources from around the Internet, principally YouTube, to help students learning Danish and provide a catalog for my own use. Please feel free to suggest additional material or add it in the comments.


Memrise has a number of courses dedicated to Danish, and other languages. Some of interest are:


DanishClass101 is a website providing Danish language instruction. They have a number of videos on YouTube and two series stand out. The first is a collection of videos providing short three minute introductions to different aspects of the Danish language. The second collection is a list of listening exercises to help with listening training.



Danish Lessons with Marty

Marty McNutt presents Danish lessons for English speakers as a native English speaker. One of the things he notes that I agree with is, “Danish is a difficult language to pronounce, but not a difficult language to learn.”



How to Live in Denmark is a podcast with tips and tricks for being Danish, including language tricks.

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Louise Sand runs a Copenhagen-based podcast discussing Danish language issues.

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Slack is a hosted live chat platform some of the Danish Duolingo members are using. The discussion pretty often runs off topic, but there is a Danish-only channel you can type in. Plus, it’s Slack and all of the Slack features are available to play with. Giphy seems to be the crowd favorite. There’s a sign-up page available here.

My Playlists

I have collected together some playlists from YouTube that are good, interesting, or fun resources for learning Danish. Each is short right now but I will be adding to them as I find additional videos.

English with Danish language subtitles


Danish with English language subtitles


Miscellaneous Danish language videos



This video shows a humorous introduction to Norwegian independence, through linguistics.


Image by Dennis Jarvis.