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A lifetime ago, when I was deciding where to go to college, the University of Maryland made a much more interesting offer than all the other schools. They offered me a seat in the College Park Scholars program. It did not come with money, but it did offer an interesting opportunity to diversify my college experience in a way nobody else was talking about. This was why I went to Maryland, ultimately. But College Park Scholars offered 12 or so subprograms and I had to select one. For predictable reasons, I picked the International Studies program. Maryland, at the time, did not offer minors, but that is effectively what the program was. I find my work in this space is increasing over the last few years.

After Maryland, I got interested in public economics while I was working on the Columbia Association’s budget committees. One year, we were asked to adapt the Altman Z-Score to Columbia. It does not work very well since Columbia has no equity, but the underlying idea was sound. I planned to write my dissertation on the topic. For a number of reasons, that did not happen and I ended up writing about the the National Flood Insurance Program, instead.

However, I have had the chance to work on public economics as a part of my environmental research and given a couple of talks on the topic. Further, I have taught both public finance and public financial management at the University of Baltimore. This page collects material under the heading of public affairs, but domestic and international.

Publications and Presentations

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Related Coverage and News

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