Phonetic Spelling Algorithms in R

This is the R package to support phonetic spelling algorithms in R. Several packages provide the Soundex algorithm. However, other algorithms have been developed since Soundex that can also provide phonetic spelling and test phonetic similarity.

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The phonics R package is available for download from package at GitHub. Install phonics via DevTools:


The phonics package is developed using the GitFlow development workflow. To install the development branch, use:

devtools::install_github("howardjp/phonics", ref = "develop")

Algorithms included

  • Caverphone
    • Original Caverphone
    • Caverphone 2
  • Cologne (Kölner)
  • Lein
  • Match Rating Approach
    • Encoder
    • Comparison
  • Metaphone
  • New York State Identification and Intelligence System
    • NYSIIS
    • Modified NYSIIS
  • Roger Root
  • Soundex
    • Original Soundex
    • Apache Refined Soundex
  • Statistics Canada
    • Census Modified


  • testthat
  • roxygen2
  • Rcpp
  • BH

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