In the spring of 2017, I started occasionally teaching in the Master of Science in Administration (MSA) program at Central Michigan University. It may seem like a long commute, but my courses are taught at Joint Base Andrews, here in Maryland, through the Central Michigan Global Campus initiative. The MSA program is a degree in management focusing on technical administration, drawing on the course content common in both master of public administration and master of business administration programs. I have taught two different courses for Central Michigan.

  • MSA 600 Foundations of Research Methods in Administration This course covers the basic research process starting with the scientific method, lit reviews, data collection, analysis, through to research writing. Through this course, a student is well-prepared to design and complete a research project in a government or business setting.
  • MSA 607 Program Management in Complex Organizations This course is a unique course that looks beyond standard project management and looks at the interrelationships of projects inside large and diversified organizations.
  • MSA 647 People and Project Administration This course introduces the nontechnical side of project management. It focuses on communication, principally with stakeholders and within the project team. From this course, students should be able to manage project risk better from a personnel standpoint.

Other management-related teaching experience can be found under Public Affairs.

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