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I have taught undergraduate mathematics at the University of Maryland Global Campus since 2010, when it was called the University of Maryland University College. UMGC’s classes are primarily delivered via distance education, though some courses are “hybrid” including a weekly session on campus, usually at the University of Maryland, College Park. At UMGC, I routinely teach the introductory mathematics courses:

I have also taught other courses from the mathematics program:

Finally, I have taught courses from our statistics program. We are now down to just STAT 200, but we previously had an array of thematically-linked statistics classes for business, social science, and computer science:

  • STAT 200 Introduction to Statistics This is an introduction to applied statistics. Probability, t-tests, and \chi^2-tests are introduced. Application areas are broadly selected from across many different fields.
  • STAT 230 Introductory Business Statistics This is is essentially the same as STAT 200, but the examples are drawn primarily from business settings and include production and finance problems. This class has since been discontinued in favor of STAT 200, above, as a generalized statistics course.

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