Columbia Association Budget Committee Minutes (August 22, 2007)

Monday October 29, 2007

In attendance:

  • Committee: Mary Chiu, James Howard, Roger Hultgren, Dan Woodruff

At 7:36pm, James Howard, as outgoing Chair from last year, called the meeting to order in the small conference room in the CA Headquarters building. All committee members were present. Chick Rhodehamel was present at the beginning of the meeting to greet the members and periodically returned to the meeting (another meeting was also being held in parallel to that of the BAC) to address any questions.

James distributed copies of the Planning and Strategy Committee Recommendations to Board on the Charges for the BAC, and the minutes from the Board of Directors Meeting on July 26, 2007 approving these Charges. [The official Charge to the BAC will be sent shortly.] James also had prepared and distributed an agenda for the meeting. The Committee approved the agenda.

An election was held for the FY2008 Chair and Secretary. James Howard will continue as Chair, Mary Chiu is Secretary.

The Committee approved the meeting minutes from the last session held on Feb 7, 2007.

The Committee reviewed and discussed the Charges.

Charge#1 is being viewed as two parts, the first is to perform the required review of the base year and formula used for determining the Village allocations. The second part is to re-evaluate the allocations formula itself to see if changes are needed. James will be requesting the performance data for the Villages from 2003-2007. Preferably we want to obtain just the financial information for each Village on a yearly basis. We also decided to plan a meeting with the Village Managers and Board Members to discuss the allocation. A tentative date of September 24 (with an alternate of Sept 12) will be looked at to see if a large enough room can be scheduled. James will follow up on this. James will also look in his database for the original write-up from the BAC when the current allocation formula was introduced to provide background, and make it available to the rest of the Committee.

Charge#2 was discussed briefly.

Charge#3 was clarified by Chick to cover ALL the allocation formulae. The Committee felt that this was a major effort, but decided to give this more thought as to how we would approach this topic.

Charge#4 was tabled pending information that will be coming from the CA shortly.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:11pm. The next scheduled Committee meeting is September 26th in the Board Room at CA Headquarters.

Submitted by Mary Chiu