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Jun 10

Why Cellphones Cannot Be Used on Planes

Cell phones are an essential part of our everyday lives, but when it comes to air travel, passengers are often reminded to turn off their devices or switch them to...

May 23

A Note on the Final Digit of $\pi$

I recently saw someone wearing a t-shirt that said, “My password is the last 8 digits of $\pi$.” The joke, of course, lies in the fact that $\pi$ (pi) is...

May 13

Lessons from the TCA for Green Energy Siting

As the urgency to combat climate change grows, so does the need for a coherent approach to integrating renewable energy solutions into our urban landscapes. The challenge? Local regulations often...

May 04

A Maltese Grant of Arms

I am honored to announce a significant milestone in my personal and professional journey—a formal grant of arms bestowed by the Office of the Chief Herald of Arms...

May 01

The Energy Cost of AI/ML, Iceland to the Rescue

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the computational demands for training sophisticated models have surged, paralleling the exponential growth in model complexity. This...

Apr 23

Kamon as Japanese Heraldry

With its intricate array of symbols and emblems, heraldry transcends simple identification to embody societies’ more profound cultural ethos and historical narratives. These complex symbols, which have found universal application...