Columbia Association Budget Committee Minutes (November 28, 2007)

Friday January 18, 2008

In Attendance:

  • Committee - Mary Chiu, James Howard, Roger Hultgren, Dan Woodruff
  • Others - None

The meeting began at approximately 7:30pm. The agenda was approved and no other residents were in attendance (for resident speak-out). The minutes from the Oct 24th meeting were approved.

The village allocation charges were discussed at length. Mary presented some analysis of the previous model for village allocations and possible strategies to update the baseline year allocations. The committee wanted to discuss our analysis with Andy Stack, and James took an action to arrange this meeting. Roger volunteered to email the village boards to gain some insight on the salary levels from the previous model. We know that there is a salary compensation study in process, but the results are not due until January 2008. This leaves little or no time to incorporate into our recommendations. We also agreed that we needed to meet with the village representatives again to discuss our draft recommendations to the CA Board, prior to our final report.

There was some follow-up discussion of the budget format changes. James attempted to get information on how the new summary pages that cross division lines (Kidspace, which in currently in S&F, and the Community Division items) would implement the allocations necessary, but that information apparently has not yet been developed. The committee discussed whether or not we could provide a recommendation without this information.

James asked the committee members if there were any other format changes that should be considered. Other than a suggestion from Dan that a performance section be added (which is a content vs a format change), there were none.

James reported that the medical benefits agreement between the CA and village managements has been finalized and he will take an action to request that this charge be rescinded.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:25 pm.

Submitted by Mary Chiu December 2, 2007