Columbia Association Budget Committee Minutes (October 24, 2007)

Friday January 18, 2008

In Attendance:

  • Committee - Mary Chiu, James Howard, Roger Hultgren, Dan Woodruff
  • Others - None

The meeting began at approximately 7:30pm. The agenda was approved and no other residents were in attendance (for resident speak-out). The minutes from the Sept 26th meeting were approved with the corrections from Roger and James. The minutes from Sept 20th were approved with corrections from Roger.

The village allocation charges were discussed first. James presented a new table in the same format as that of the report from the BAC in 2004. He put in place holders for salaries and other allocations. This was to get an idea on what percent change might be expected if the same relative changes were to be applied to all villages. The result was a wider spread than anticipated (and not desired). Roger and Dan provided the results from their analyses on their village assignments. The committee believes that the salary and utility costs will constitute the largest adjustments that need to be made to the allocations, but unfortunately, data are not readily available. James will request the year to date actuals on utility costs. In the mean time, the committee members will continue to analyze the information.

There was some follow-up discussion of the budget format changes. No one has any objections to the changes proposed by Rob Goldman for the pool summary changes – those are contained within the S&F Division. For the summary pages that cross division lines (Kidspace, which in currently in S&F, and the Community Division items), James will ask for further information from Rob and Michelle on how this would be implemented. Allocation formulas will need to be developed and the committee would like to see what these are before giving a recommendation on the change.

The medical benefits charge was again deferred for discussion at a later date, pending the outcome of continuing meetings between the CA and village managements.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:15 pm.

Submitted by Mary Chiu October 27, 2007