Columbia Association Budget Committee Minutes (January 30, 2008)

Wednesday February 13, 2008

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Budget Advisory Committee Minutes January 30, 2008 Meeting

In Attendance:

  • Committee - Mary Chiu, James Howard, Roger Hultgren, Dan Woodruff
  • Others - Patricia Laidig, Anne Brinker, Sarah Uphouse, Jackie Felker

The meeting began at approximately 7:30pm. The minutes from the November 28th meeting were approved. There were no minutes from December.

The village allocation charges were discussed first. Mary gave a summary of her assessment of the 2005 model and recommendations for updating the base year calculation. This was discussed at length with both the committee members and the village staff in attendance. The primary issue was how to incorporate the results of the compensation study that have just recently been obtained by the villages. These results are still being analyzed by the individual villages and therefore all the numbers are considered both confidential and preliminary. Other issues were also raised including covering workman compensation in the assessment share and putting a minimum (and possibly a maximum) on the percentage of expenses that the CA assessment should cover in calculating the base year.

There was some follow-up discussion of the budget format changes after the completion of the village allocations was completed (and after the village managers left the meeting). James had distributed an earlier draft of our recommendation. Roger had several editorial changes that were incorporated. The major change incorporated at the meeting was in regard to the budget format for the Kids Space and Community Services, which cross division lines. The wording was changed to better reflect the committee’s opinion that there was insufficient information on which to base an opinion and/or recommendation. This format change requires new allocation formula to be developed, but no information was provided on this aspect of the change. This part of the Budget Committee’s report will be presented by James at the next CA board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned after 9:45 pm.

Submitted by Mary Chiu February 3, 2008