On the Mobile Internet

Saturday February 16, 2008

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Interesting People links to an Apple Insider article on the iPhone and Google. The summary is, Google is receiving a large number of search queries from iPhones and the question is whether other phone manufacturers should make the Internet more accessible.

I carry a BlackBerry with me everywhere I go. The BlackBerry is incredible at processing mail, but its browser is not standards compliant and barely functional on top of it. Even with Opera Mini, without EDGE service, web browsing is still painfully slow. GPRS is just too slow.

But I still Google constantly from my phone. I sometimes use the browser. I sometimes use the [text 1=”interface” language=”messaging”]/text. Moving toward making the Internet, generally, more accessible from mobile devices will greatly increase the usage of it. Google already knows this.

This will go further, when the distinction between the “Internet” and the “Mobile Internet” decreases. For some time, I have maintained a handheld-ready diminutive version of this site. With the last style change, I have stopped as Opera and the iPhone make displaying real web sites on mobile devices a reality. The more like the real web a phone is, the better will be the user experience.