IRC Memories at Barcamp Baltimore

Saturday June 20, 2009

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	need more folks
-->|	bryanl has joined #bcbmore
-->|	avdi has joined #bcbmore
	and now more folks
	say irc again, see what happens
	It's all in the advertising.
	bryanl: suggest another session
	i'm here to terrorize
	i need awps
	Does logging in to IRC and then ignoring it all day count?
	don't make me kickban you
	yes, mine is in a screen session
	so i can do exactly that
	i tried to join before
	No. I mean, I haven't been kicked out of an IRC channel since I was 16 (1996).
	linkinus was doing me dirty
=-=	YOU (howardjp) have been booted from #bcbmore by vees (for the memories)
-->|	YOU (howardjp) have joined #bcbmore
	now its been since 2009