Source Code for LX, a Link Shortener

Thursday December 17, 2009

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Last August, I began work on a link shortening service as a me-too kind of project.  In my case, I wanted to provide custom domains, so that, for instance, The Washington Post could be  However, I had been displeased in the user interface I had created and had not taken it live.

On Monday, the jig was up when both Google and Facebook pushed their own link shorteners into the arena.  Additionally, announced Pro which will provide the custom domain I had been interested in.  Rather than being steamrolled by these behemoths, I will instead open source my code under a BSD License.  It is now available at GitHub.

From the readme:

lx is a URL-shortening application created in CakePHP. The Git repository is a top-skimming of the /app directory from CakePHP v1.2.4. Also included in /sql is a database template for PostgreSQL. It is important to note, this code does not work and will need significant revision before being functional. However, here is a partial list of partially implemented features:

  • URL addition
  • URL deletion
  • URL redirection
  • URL favoriting (through the “stars” concept)
  • User accounts
  • User verification
  • URL renaming (title, not target)
  • Some jQuery-based AJAX

Please use this as the basis for your own work.  If you wish to contribute changes back, please do.