Public Financial Management, Week 2

Tuesday February 03, 2015

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That's a nicer boardroom than we'll have (ShellVacationsHospitality / Flickr)
That’s a nicer boardroom than we’ll have (ShellVacationsHospitality / Flickr)

I will be using this space, weekly, to record thoughts on the PUAD 702 class project.

Last week, as I noted when I posted the syllabus, was the first week of class at the University of Baltimore. The first week night of class went well, but I wanted to record a few observations about the class project. Some students are a bit apprehensive, which not terribly surprising. A couple of students seemed really excited about the project. Generally, there was not a bit groundswell response one way or the other. One student dropped the course the next day. Most remarkably, only about half the class came the first night. I think this is largely due to the fact there was a largish snow storm and the University left decision to remain open on the table until the late afternoon.

Since I use Trello for essentially everything, I am also using it to manage the class project. The evening after our first session, I sent out an email to the entire class. This was mostly to get the syllabus into the hands of all of the students. In addition, I included directions on how to sign up for Trello and a request they send me a username. They get added to the project board and in a fit of transparency, I am also adding them to my course board.

At the start of week 2, it is not looking good. Less than half of the students in the class have signed up for Trello. However, project-related discussion is already taking place on the Trello card comments.