Green Beelievers Update

Tuesday April 28, 2015

Here’s an update on our greenspace adoption project in public financial management. A couple of weeks ago, we took a field trip to the prospective adoption site. It’s half a block from the building our class is in, so we just walked out the front door and down the alley.

When we got there, we realized this site may be listed as needing adoption. But the space itself is already well cared-for. The space we are talking about is just about the size of one and a half parking spaces. We think, because the location abuts the major apartment complex, the apartment has been taking care of the space. Since the style and care resembles other spaces that are definitely a part of the apartment’s complex, this makes sense.

Fortunately, we submitted multiple green spaces for adoption. Another nearby area looked pretty sad on the satellite imagery and the student filling out the form had the foresight to add it as a secondary pick.

As we continued to collect a couple of donations from interested parties and plan for a fundraiser, we waited. And we waited. It’s now been seven weeks since the application was submitted to the City of Baltimore. And despite multiple follow ups, there has been no response.

Last week, I told my students that so far, they have done a lot of things and navigated a lot of the technical detail in executing this project. Some did some really great work above and beyond what was necessary. I think that’s mighty impressive.

I told them I think the project is over for now. There are a mere two weeks and one class session left. Even if we received word from the city now, there’s not enough time to execute the plan of adoption. So I put it to them that they had the option of carrying on the project after the class ended. I told them I would help and support them in any way I could to continue the work if they chose to.

I also reminded them that is is an individual decision for each of them. The class cannot make a decision this time. If they want to continue, let me know before the end of the semester and we can organize the next set of steps then.

Image by Phil! Gold.