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Wednesday November 18, 2015

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YouTube can be an awfully weird place. I love a good story about something just a bit off-kilter. It could be the Solway Firth Spaceman or the Cooper Family Photograph, or the slightly more real and ever so strange Dyatlov Pass incident and lead masks case. Let’s face it, some strange things happen, sometimes, and even a reasonable explanation can be obviously correct and still unsatisfying.

Well, YouTube delivers if you need a jag. A handful of channels have focused on documenting some of these weird stories. For instance, Dark 5 runs things such as the 5 Mysterious Sightings of Real Men in Black, 5 Most Haunting Space Disasters (these are true, by the way), and 5 Strangest Photos of World War II. Lutch Green posts photomontages of generally creepy, but also explainable stuff. Daily Paranormal has paranormal videos. And Scary Videos posts scary videos, mostly of ghosts and stuff. You can get your weird on pretty well in the darker corners of the GooTube.

Unfortunately, a great many of the stories presented are long debunked, including the Solway Firth Spaceman, the United Utilities sewer monster, and so many others.

The best of Weird YouTube, though, is Creepy Pasta. Creepy Pasta originates with a website of the same name, which is a collection of flash horror, slipstream, and new weird. Here’s my favorite, the Russian Sleep Experiment, as read by someone with exactly the right amount of urgency:

Have a great night and sleep well!

Image by Jim Templeton.