Reappointed to the Howard County Board of Appeals

I am honored to say the Howard County Council reappointed me to the County’s Board of Appeals last night. I thank the Council for this remarkable experience and the trust and faith to do it for another five years.

I don’t get to write about the Board of Appeals here. Our matters are all “quasi-judicial.” This has the effect of making them practically off-limits for any discussion outside of the formal hearing environment. It’s kind of like being on a never-ending jury. Around Howard County, not talking about work is kind of a thing, anyway, so that’s okay. But if you ever have a random evening to spare, it’s worth coming up to watch us in action.

Image courtesy of the Howard County Council. The Banneker Room, shown above, is used by meetings of the Howard Council Council, Board of Appeals, the Hearing Examiner, and other boards and commissions.