EPA Course for Local Governments on Climate Change

Tuesday February 02, 2016

The Environmental Protection Agency has put together a only training course on adapting to climate change:

This is actually really cool. The course is set up like a standard webinar, but we shouldn’t hold that against it. Running this on Coursera would make a lot more sense, but there you go. The course begins with an introduction to climate change and its effects (drought, severe weather, flooding, permafrost melt, and so forth). This is good information, but nothing we should have no already heard.

The good part comes after when there is a discussion of the problems local government may encounter in the face of global climate change. This includes stormwater management, water supply management, air quality issues, &c. This leads into a brief discussion of the steps local governments can take to prepare for these problems. The course itself does not provide a comprehensive guide. The course is only about 30 minutes, but as a briefer, it is excellent.

Image by Tim J Keegan / Flickr.