Read My Response to What Parents Need to Know about Pokémon GO

There’s been a lot of talk about the Pokémon-based robberies, the Pokémon stabbing, and even a guy who quit his job to play Pokémon full time. There’s often a reaction when something new and different comes out, and we are used to it. Every generation complains the next is going to hell.

Today’s edition brings a game that has swept the English-speaking world and will soon take the rest. Amanda Yates of Highya asks what parents need to know about Pokémon GO. While there’s a focus on risks, I told the story of how my children and I play the game together. Read more at Highya:

Pokémon Go: From Accidents to Stranger Danger, Tips to Keeping Kids Safe

We’d been searching for ten minutes when the screen showed a rustle in the grass to our right. My guide became instantly excited-would it be a Charmander? A Jigglypuff? We were about to find out. Then, just as we were about to close in on the spot, the Pokémon disappeared.

Image by Robert Couse-Baker / Flickr.