The New Long Reach Village Center

Wednesday May 03, 2017

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This evening, the kids and I walked over to the Long Reach Village Center, where got to see the new plan for the Long Reach Village Center. I will say here what I said there. A long time ago, I sat on the Master Plan Committee for Long Reach and wanted to see something open, inviting, green, but also viable. I think they’ve nailed it.

But I was just a minor player. The Village Board, the County, and several bidders, all did a lot of work to pull this off. The plan is beautiful and hopeful in a place that’s needed some for a long time. You can read more about it in the Baltimore Sun:

Howard County’s Planning and Zoning has a page about reimagining Long Reach that has a lot more information on it, including the proposal.

Here’s to many more walks to our new Village Center!