JSM Presentation on Ebola | James Howard JSM Presentation on Ebola | James Howard

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JSM Presentation on Ebola

This study reviews the 2018-2020 Ebolavirus outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ebolavirus is a viral hemorrhagic fever principally transmitted via bodily fluids. The mortality rate among victims is approximately fifty percent. This outbreak is in the Congolese region of Kivu and across the border in Uganda and is the second-largest outbreak of Ebolavirus recorded. This study uses daily data on new infections from public data sources to estimate the basic reproductive number ([latex]R_0[/latex] or R-nought) for the outbreak. The results can be used as part of treatment and contagion control mechanisms.

See the slides at https://jameshoward.us/jsm-2020/ or watch the presentation on YouTube: