I Was Appointed a Kentucky Colonel

Tuesday April 02, 2024

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I am delighted to share that I have been honored with the appointment of Kentucky Colonel by Governor Andy Beshear on March 25th. This title, previously held by my father, is the highest honor granted by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and celebrates an individual’s dedication to community, excellence, and service.

Seal of the Commonwealth of Kentucky
Seal of the Commonwealth of Kentucky

Dating back to 1813, the title of Kentucky Colonel represents a long-standing tradition of honor and service. It is given to those who make significant contributions to society and exemplify leadership, compassion, and resilience. Kentucky Colonels are regarded as ambassadors of goodwill, dedicated to continuing a legacy of service and community involvement.

This appointment is particularly meaningful to me as it connects me with my father’s legacy of service. His life and values as a Colonel have profoundly influenced my commitment to generosity, leadership, and service to the community. It is an honor and a responsibility to carry forward this legacy with the same humility and determination he showed. More Than an Honor

Being named a Kentucky Colonel is more than receiving an honor; it is an invitation and a responsibility to contribute actively to the welfare of our communities and the Commonwealth. It serves as a reminder of our ability to effect change and have a lasting impact.

Receiving this title fills me with gratitude and motivates me to further my efforts in service, philanthropy, and community engagement. It encourages me to strive for an even greater impact in all my endeavors.

I am keenly aware of the rich legacy associated with this title, shaped by notable individuals, including my father. As a Kentucky Colonel, I am committed to upholding the esteemed standards of this role and using it to foster positive change.

This recognition is shared with my family, friends, colleagues, and the community who have supported and inspired me. I am eager to engage in new projects and partnerships that embody the spirit of the Kentucky Colonelcy.

As I accept this honor, I am reminded of the importance of tradition, service, and the significant impact we can have by inspiring others. I am honored to carry on this tradition and excited about the potential to make meaningful contributions.

Brevet as a Kentucky Colonel
Brevet as a Kentucky Colonel

Or you can download the PDF here.