A Maltese Grant of Arms

Saturday May 04, 2024

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I am honored to announce a significant milestone in my personal and professional journey—a formal grant of arms bestowed by the Office of the Chief Herald of Arms of Malta. This prestigious recognition is a personal honor and a testament to a heritage of service and scholarship that I hold dear.

With its rich traditions and rigorous standards, Heraldry bridges past and present, symbolizing one’s lineage, achievements, and values. The grant I received on May 1, 2024, is a formal recognition by Malta, a nation renowned for its historic commitment to heraldic arts and chivalric traditions.

My grant of arms was meticulously crafted to reflect both my personal heritage and professional accomplishments. Conferred by Count Charles Anthony Gauci, the Chief Herald of Arms of Malta, the arms were officially documented under the authority vested by the Malta Government Gazette of June 25, 2019, and under Chapter 445 of the Laws of Malta.

Blazon of the Arms

“Argent in pale a tetrahedron Azure pierced in bend by a sword Or with pommel and crosspiece of the Second. Upon a helm befitting his degree with mantling Or and Azure is set for crest, upon a wreath of the liveries a martlet Sable.”

The Crest

The central martlet, a heraldic bird that never lands, symbolizes the continuous pursuit of knowledge and aspiration to improve oneself.

The Motto

The motto accompanying the arms, “Ir-rieda biss tmexxi l-qalb,” which translates as “Only will leads the heart,” is a guiding principle for personal and professional endeavors, encapsulating a philosophy of determination and leadership.

Going Forward

This heraldic achievement is a symbol not only of personal identity but also of the responsibilities and duties it embodies. It connects me to a longstanding tradition of heraldry that honors one’s past while paving a path toward the future. These arms are now registered under Archive Registration Number G0102/2024 at Fort Saint Elmo, Valletta, ensuring their place in the annals of heraldic history.

The arms are to be borne and used henceforth by my descendants and me in accordance with the norms of heraldry and under the ongoing oversight of the Maltese heraldic authority. This grant is a recognition and a charge to continue living by the values and responsibilities these arms represent.

I am profoundly grateful for this honor and excited about the opportunities it brings to further contribute to the communities and fields represented by this new heraldic emblem. This recognition reinforces my commitment to uphold the values it signifies and to carry forth the legacy of service and excellence that the arms represent.

Coat of Arms for James P. Howard, II, as interpreted by Dr Antonio Salmerón
Coat of Arms for James P. Howard, II, as interpreted by Dr Antonio Salmerón