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Welcome to Swedish Language Resources. This interactive document is an evolving work that collects resources for English speakers who are learning the Swedish language. I started this when I was working through the Swedish language course on Duolingo. The Wordpress site where it was originally hosted suffered from some bitrot, so I moved it over to a nice fresh MkDocs site.


Back in 2015, I started learning Danish via Duolingo. After several months, I completed the Danish course and wanted to keep up my consecutive days streak. Because it was amusing, I decided to continue with the Swedish language course, because, well, why not, that's why. The language is itself similar to Danish, as both are North Germanic languages. I found the Swedish course to be much easier than Danish, mostly because those built-in similarities.

This page exists to collect resources from around the Internet, principally YouTube, to help students learning Danish and provide a catalog for my own use. Please feel free to suggest additional material.


This document is being developed in public using the GitHub service. There is a link at the top of every page to the repository. Suggested changes are welcome by either initiating a pull request or filing an issue on GitHub. I am notified of these things almost immediately.

Ground Rules

  1. These rules only apply to my copy.
  2. Links to any outside material must be free to access.
  3. Do not use this as a platform to sell your services or products.
  4. We are using ze/zem/zir for personal pronouns in English.