My Candidacy for UMUC's Academic Advisory Board

Monday November 02, 2015

I nominated myself, this evening, for the new Academic Advisory Board at the University of Maryland University College. See my statement, here:

I am James Howard and I am running for UMUC’s new Academic Advisory Board (AAB). I am an adjunct in the mathematics and statistics department and I am a firm believer in our mission to provide a quality education to students who may not have access to other educational options. At UMUC, we can provide a stable educational environment to our students, regardless of where they are. As a member of the AAB, I will ensure that our students continue to receive a high quality and respected education we can all be proud of.

I joined the math department in 2010 as an adjunct instructor and was promoted to adjunct assistant professor this year. In my time at UMUC, I have taught most of the mathematics courses we offer to hundreds of students. I have developed interactive tools and new material to help our students grasp our most difficult subject, leading my family to call me the “math evangelist.” Improving our student outcomes, not just in terms of grades, but also in their lives, is what makes UMUC the institution it is and I want to protect that.

I ask for your vote for the AAB so we can provide the best for our students, together.

Image courtesy of the University of Maryland University College.