What to Do When Tornados Strike

Monday March 21, 2016

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Roomi, a website connecting potential roommates, has just opened up services in Texas. To help renters in Texas prepare for the worst, Emma Goddard interviewed me about how to prepare for a tornado:

With a less than shiny reputation for its weather, Texas might have you running for the hills. But whether you’re already living in the Lone Star State or you’re moving to there in the near future (as so many are), you have no choice but to cope with Mother Nature’s wrath. Luckily, preparation is your best bet to surviving any home disaster — whether it’s a fire, flood, or a twister. Here are four tornado safety tips all renters and roommates should know.

Read more at Roomi Connect:

While targeted at renters, this tornado advice applies to pretty much everyone. This is the second time Roomi Connect has interviewed me about disaster preparation.

Image by Justin Hobson / Wikimedia.