You Can Do Anything as a Math Major

Thursday June 02, 2016

This article on popped up on Facebook the other day.

That’s a legitimate question. Most of us only encounter math teachers and never see what good mathematics is beyond that. But there are a lot of options option to someone with a degree in mathematics. First, data science has taken over the world and is entirely based on mathematical statistics. Closely related, many mathematics graduates become computer programmers as the formal logic of math and computer science are obviously related. Less obviously related, but still coming from the same formal logic, many math majors go on to law school. Away from formal logic, there are important roles for mathematics graduates in finance, consulting, and operations management.

It’s really important to remember that in a lot of ways, your undergraduate major really does not matter. Studying within a discipline, like mathematics, or history, or economics, teaches you the methods of that discipline. Those methods, collectively, are a way of thinking that can usually be applied to any problem in the real world. That’s why banks hire English majors, PR firms hire computer scientists, and Internet companies hire philosophy majors.

Image by greymatters / Pixabay.