So I Am Not Teaching Calculus After All

Wednesday July 20, 2016

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Well, no sooner had I posted my note about teaching calculus again this fall when UMUC changed my schedule. This is not unusual for me (though I may be unusual in this regard at UMUC, it’s a bit unclear). I occasionally end up getting put in other classes than planned at the last minute. Part of this stems from the fact I have taught almost the entire undergraduate mathematics curriculum, and part of it is I just don’t mind the challenge of something good new.

This fall, I will be teaching MATH 115 Precalculus. I have taught precalc several times as well as its underlying components, college algebra and trigonometry. So this will be fun. I’ve never really taken the time to blog out an entire undergraduate mathematics course. I will try to do that with precalc this fall.

Image by skeeze / Pixabay.