Syllabus for Introduction to Statistics

Wednesday August 09, 2017

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I am teaching statistics this fall. I have taught statistics before, but it will be a bit different this year. Historically (and I do not have syllabi posted from prior to this year), statistics was taught online using a fairly restricted format of public one-on-one conversations with the professor. A student would select a problem, solve it, and solve it “in public” in a discussion board. Then we had “quizzes” which were pretty much glorified homework.

We’re starting to break out of that mold now into some new territory. The class will have discussion groups focused on less firm questions. Discussion groups will tackle interpretive questions. Further, the homework will now be called “homework,” which should reduce some of the contention we have seen around that. I am looking forward to trying this out.

You can download the syllabus from my mathematics teaching page.