Teaching and Learning Mathematics Online is Published

Tuesday May 12, 2020

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I am very happy to say Teaching and Learning Mathematics Online (TLMO) is now available! This is my fifth book and second this year (well, both this year were edited volumes, but work with me here). I edited this book with John F. Beyers, program director for mathematics and statistics at the University of Maryland Global Campus.

Online education has become a major component of higher education worldwide. In mathematics and statistics courses, there exists a number of challenges that are unique to the teaching and learning of mathematics and statistics in an online environment. These challenges are deeply connected to already existing difficulties related to math anxiety, conceptual understanding of mathematical ideas, communicating mathematically, and the appropriate use of technology.

Teaching and Learning Mathematics Online book cover

TLMO bridges these issues by presenting meaningful and practical solutions for teaching mathematics and statistics online. It focuses on the problems observed by mathematics instructors currently working in the field who strive to hone their craft and share best practices with our professional community. The book provides a set of standard practices, improving the quality of online teaching and the learning of mathematics. Instructors will benefit from learning new techniques and approaches to delivering content.

These issues are suddenly at the forefront of education. From kindergarten to university, schools shut down and most educators were just not ready for this. We started this way back in 2017, though, because mathematics and statistics present a special challenge for online education. I hope this book can help people stuck in the middle of this terribly transition. The electronic version is now on Taylor & Francis eBooks. Due to complications from COVID-19, the print version will not be available until the end of June.

Finally, I cannot say enough about the great authors who made this happen. Most importantly, though, I want to call out Mina Sedaghatjou. She’s taken the lead in a global presentation series on improving STEM education online in the wake of COVID-19. I was fortunate to give the first talk in the series.
You can see the rest of them here on YouTube: