GURPS Disasters: Hurricane | Eur Ing Dr James P. Howard II GURPS Disasters: Hurricane | Eur Ing Dr James P. Howard II

Dr James P. Howard, II
A Mathematician, a Different Kind of Mathematician, and a Statistician

GURPS Disasters: Hurricane

GURPS Disasters: Hurricane gamebook cover

You’ve had a couple of days’ warning, but it’s never enough. You have half the plywood you need, and don’t know how high the water will get this time. The evacuation order was just announced…

Into every life some rain must fall…but when a lot of rain falls all at once, you may find yourself in the eye of the storm. GURPS Disasters: Hurricane is your guide to one of the most devastating forces that nature can unleash. It includes information on the science of hurricanes, a discussion of what makes these phenomena dangerous, and a look at a few of the most noteworthy historical storms. It also includes ideas for how to endure and survive during this cacophonous crisis, and gives suggestions for working one into your campaigns set in the past, present, and future. This supplement puts the “story” in “stormy!”


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