Welcome to the section of my website dedicated to the honors and recognitions that have been generously awarded over the years. This space is not just a reflection of personal milestones but, more importantly, a testament to the collaborative efforts and shared aspirations of the many individuals and communities I’ve had the privilege to work alongside.

The journey through academia and public service is marked by collective endeavors—whether it’s contributing to the intricate world of public finance, engaging in the critical analysis of policy and its impact on society, or fostering environments that encourage educational and technological advancement. Each recognition received is a reminder of our shared commitment to service, scholarship, and the pursuit of knowledge for the greater good.

The awards and honors featured here represent milestones in a continuous journey of learning, teaching, and engaging with the world around us. They underscore the importance of community involvement, the pursuit of evidence-based solutions to complex challenges, and the essential role of open dialogue and exchange across various fields and disciplines.

I invite you to explore this section not just as a showcase of individual achievement, but as a celebration of the collective spirit and dedication that drive progress and innovation. It is a tribute to the mentors, colleagues, students, and community members who inspire and propel us forward, reminding us that the most meaningful accomplishments are those we achieve together.

Coat of Arms from Malta

The coat of arms I’ve been honored with by Malta represents a fusion of personal heritage and professional dedication, encapsulated within the ancient tradition of heraldry. At its heart, the design features a tetrahedron and a sword, symbols of my mathematical pursuits and connections to Cincinnati, Ohio, respectively. This emblem not only reflects my academic and public service contributions but also hints at a storied lineage, potentially linked to Thomas Arundell through the inclusion of a martlet, a nod to the unproven but cherished ancestral ties. This heraldic achievement celebrates a commitment to community, knowledge, and the enduring quest for understanding.

Royal Order of the Star of Oceania

I was honored as a Knight Commander of the Royal Order of the Star of Oceania by H.R.H Princess Owana Ka’ōhelelani on March 17th, 2024. This distinction not only celebrates my efforts in promoting Polynesian culture and education. This venerable accolade, reinstated to foster cultural ties and mutual respect among Pacific nations, acknowledges my dedication to preserving and enlightening a rich heritage spanning the vast expanse of Oceania. As a Knight Commander, I am committed to embodying the principles of this Order, advocating for cultural preservation, and enhancing educational opportunities across the Pacific.

Kentucky Colonel

I was appointed a Kentucky Colonel by Governor Andy Beshear on March 25th, 2024, an accolade that not only recognizes my contributions to the community but also continues a valued family tradition, following in the footsteps of my father. This prestigious title, the highest honor granted by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is a testament to a steadfast commitment to the values of leadership, excellence, and service. As a Kentucky Colonel, I am dedicated to advancing these ideals and positively impacting our communities and beyond.

Grand Duchy of Westarctica

My recognition by Westarctica, through prestigious awards, underscores a commitment to environmental advocacy and public service on a global scale. These honors, including titles and commendations, are reflective of efforts to address critical environmental issues, bolstering awareness and action within the international community. Westarctica’s recognition not only highlights individual contributions to conservation and sustainability but also reinforces the importance of global stewardship. Each award from Westarctica is a reminder of the collective responsibility we share in preserving our planet for future generations.