The New Long Reach Village Center

This evening, the kids and I walked over to the Long Reach Village Center, where got to see the new plan for the Long Reach Village Center. I will say here what I said there. A long time ago, I sat on the Master Plan Committee for Long Reach and wanted to see something open, inviting, green, but also viable. I think they’ve nailed it. But I was just a minor player. The Village Board, the County, and several bidders, all did a lot of work to pull this off. The plan is beautiful and hopeful in a place that’s

Thank You

The results are in and my opponent won with a vote of 206 to 164. The final results are reported as 301 to 164, due to the presumptive winner receiving the votes of corporations and developers throughout Long Reach. I want to thank all of my friends and family who supported me in this endeavor and especially the residents of Long Reach who supported me and voted for me.

Who is a Stakeholder?

One of the comments I made in my candidate’s questionnaire for the Columbia Flier was that the new CA President needed to heal relations with stakeholders across Columbia. But who is a stakeholder in Columbia? The term “stakeholder” has been used by those in Columbia to describe a diverse conglomeration of people and organizations: CA staff, Village staff, Villages, Village Boards, volunteers for CA and Villages, property owners, renters, and others who live, work, and play in Columbia. What has recently been renamed “Building a Better Columbia” has historically been called Stakeholder’s Advance–a meeting of the CA and Village Boards,

Greening the Columbia Association

The current issue of Public Administration Times contains an article called “Strategic ‘Greening’ for Municipal Park and Recreation Agencies” by Steven N. Waller. The article does not appear online, but there are a few key ideas the Columbia Association could adopt. The first is the adoption of non-gasoline fueled vehicles. The CA maintains a large fleet of specialty and general purpose vehicles. These vehicles tend to have a fixed life span and could be transitioned to hybrid or compressed natural gas as they are replaced. The second idea ripe for adoption is gray-water reuse systems. Gray-water reuse systems collect water

Mass Transit Alternatives for Columbians

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I am blogging for the University of Baltimore weekly until the beginning of May. This morning’s post, about mass transit in downtown Baltimore, ought to strike a chord right here in Columbia. I work in downtown DC and when my wife and I were looking to purchase a home, my mantra was “on the bus route.” I now pick up the MTA’s 995 line at the corner of Tamar and Sweetwind, which is a two minute walk from my home: View Larger Map Columbia has suffered service cuts at the hands of

CA Openness and Transparency

When I joined the CA’s Budget Committee in 2004, I was astonished to learn the budgetary process was mostly shrouded in mystery. Meetings were not announced and prior year information was almost nonexistent. As a result, I made it a goal to open the CA’s financials. After our report was completed, I scanned it and posted it to my personal website. I also posted two prior reports given to me by Kathy Larson and Andy Stack. When I was selected as chair of the committee the following year, I sought more openness. Reports and meeting schedules were made available though