I wonder how zoning works on Qo’noS

I don’t often blog about land use, for obvious reasons, but here we go. I’ve been slowly going through Star Trek: The Animated Series, currently free for Amazon Prime members. I remember watching a few of these episodes, mostly “The Ambergris Element” and “The Slaver Weapon”, as a kid. I think Nickelodeon aired episodes in the mid-1980s. But somewhere, I remember watching these two. As I progressed over the last few weeks, I hit “The Pirates of Orion.” As it started, I caught the episode title, captured above. The writer was one Howard Weinstein. Weinstein had written several Star Trek

CA Openness and Transparency

When I joined the CA’s Budget Committee in 2004, I was astonished to learn the budgetary process was mostly shrouded in mystery. Meetings were not announced and prior year information was almost nonexistent. As a result, I made it a goal to open the CA’s financials. After our report was completed, I scanned it and posted it to my personal website. I also posted two prior reports given to me by Kathy Larson and Andy Stack. When I was selected as chair of the committee the following year, I sought more openness. Reports and meeting schedules were made available though