Long Reach Community Association

Master Plan Committee

In 2009, the Howard County Government developed a set of steps each village must go through to complete a redevelopment of its village center. One of these steps was developing a master plan for the redevelopment and in 2010 and 2011, this task in Long Reach fell to a Master Plan Committee. I sat committee with Columbia Council members Henry Dagenais, Ed Coleman, and Paul Bernard. We produced a recommendation and the Village Board refined that recommendation into a master plan. Both are linked to, below.


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Jun 20

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Apr 07

CA Openness and Transparency

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Mar 31

Join My Facebook Page

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Mar 23

My Candidate Statement for the Columbia Council

I love Columbia and I am proud to live here with my family. My wife and I plan to raise our children here because we...

Mar 17

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My Candidacy for the Columbia Council

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Apr 02

Letter to the Long Reach Village Board Regarding PELU

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