And Behind Door #3…

I am in Atlanta right now and tomorrow morning I am giving a talk on the SMBC cartoon, “An Ethical Trilemma”: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – An Ethical Trilemma No Description Despite the punchline, “So far, no ethicists are impressed with the Monty Hall Trolley Problem,” I am impressed with the problem. It represents a much more interesting problem than the comic gives it credit for. You can check out my slides here: This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online. Also, as an aside, this is my first presentation since going to work for the Johns

Listen to me talk data science on KFNX’s TechTalk

I was the guest on Tom D’Auria TechTalk on KFNX in Phoenix on Sunday afternoon, where I talked about how data science is bringing artificial intelligence into the business and home today. It was a great talk about where AI and data science are today, who’s doing it, and where it’s going. You can catch the answer on the IMI Tech Talk podcast! Image by Zdjęcie autorskie / Wikimedia Commons.

Sleep with One Eye Open

I saw a job posting looking for programmers to make a chatbot. I’ve done this before, though it was almost 20 years ago. I created a chatbot in bash, mostly because my friends said I couldn’t. Using awk, sed, grep, and a variety of other tools, I wrote a chatbot for a custom chat system used on M-Net, and operated over telnet. Needless to say, it was slow, so I parallelized it, promptly crashing the Miami University academic network, as all Linux computing power went to my chatbot! Anyway, I named it Victoria and used it to capture the attention

Inspiring Books

Marvin Minksy has died. Minsky was a pioneer of robotics and artificial intelligence at M.I.T. for half a century or so. And among other things, he invented the useless machine, a device that simply switches itself off and has no other purpose. One is shown in the picture above. This reminds me of another story I’ve been wanting to tell. Last spring and summer, I told the story of the virtual bumblebees and how I was inspired by Artificial Life by Steven Levy. Artificial Life: A Report from the Frontier Where Computers Meet Biology No Description Importantly, I checked this

My Robot, or Announcing DC Closings

I always know when it’s about to snow. I get a lot of new Twitter followers. Well, not really. Another account I have, @opmdcstatus gets new followers. OPM DC Status (@opmdcstatus) | Twitter The latest Tweets from OPM DC Status (@opmdcstatus). OPM’s DC operating status. Not affiliated with OPM because, frankly, they are not this useful. By @howardjp. Washington, DC A long time ago, way back in 2011, the Office of Personnel Management only offered email broadcast of closings. I worked for the Fed, which followed OPM guidance on closings at the time, but the broadcast announcements would sometimes be

I’m Going to MathFest…

This August, I will be speaking about my Virtual Bumblebees. Here’s the abstract: Based on Langton’s Ant, this talk briefly describes a simple simulation environment for quasisocial behavior. The world is a sparse rectangular grid of cells. Each cell may be empty, have a red dot, or a blue dot. Superimposed over the rectangular grid are one or more virtual bumblebees represented as yellow dots. The virtual bumblebee moves through the world by taking a single step in one of four cardinal directions placing it into an adjacent cell. There are three rules for deciding the behavior of the virtual