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How Math Influences Legal Decisions

What is Stochastic Calculus?

Saving the Ozone Layer

On Cincinnati-Style Chili

The Case for RISC-V

The Time Has Come to Incorporate Columbia

The Battle for TSMC

Using AI Tools in Class


Abolish the Debt Ceiling

The Value of Mathematical Knowledge

Origami—Wabi-Sabi on Paper

Introducing the London Frog

WS2818B SPI Controller for ATtiny85

Beatrix and I Built a Computer


Teaching STEM Online

Seeing the Future: Predicting Irregular Leadership Changes

Other Treaties Relating to Space

Working with the m4 Macro Language

Why is mRNA in My Vaccine?

My Talk on AR/VR/xR Ethics

UMGC Gave Me a BA in East Asian Studies


GURPS Disaster Hurricane Design Notes

Reinforcement Learning, Agent-Based Models, and Radiation Doses for Cancer Treatment

Lifesaving with Mixed Reality

INFORMS Presentation on Electoral Process

Phonics in JSS

Podcast on NIST Requirements and Blockchain

My Interview With Forward Maryland

How Do We Know a COVID-19 Vaccine Will Work?

JSM Presentation on Ebola

The Lotka–Volterra Equations

Community Teaching Through Oakland Mills Online

The Risk of Dying From COVID-19

Teaching and Learning Mathematics Online is Published

Howard County Council Redistricting

The Hongwu Emperor's Land Reforms

The Challenge of Assessment and Evaluation in Online Education

Ebolavirus Transmission at JSM2020

Dimensionality Reduction Through SVD

Context of Chinese Syncretism

A Brief Discourse on the Jackknife Method

Confucianism in the Time of Coronavirus

China and Founding Myth

Why Social Distancing Works

Proposed Charter Review Recommendations

The Handbook for Military and Defense Operations Research has been published

Shotgun Pi

Charter Review Commission Public Hearing

Matrices in the Machine

Zeroes Are Hard to Find

Blockchain Compliance With Federal Cryptographic Information-Processing Standards

Predicting Restaurant Health Hazards


GURPS Disasters: Hurricane released!

Analysis of Zoning Boards for Charter Review

Creating a Two-Phase Clock...Almost

6502-Based Computer in 2019

Social Change in Shinto and Meiji Japan

[latex]p[/latex]-hacking and Data Science

Howard County is Looking for a New Board of Appeals Member

Bracewell Was Awesome

JHU/APL Wins Award for Innovation (And I Had a Tiny Part in It!)

Blockchain Basics for Program Managers

More Extra Credit for College Algebra

The Divine Wind and Mongolian Invasions

Monte Carlo Simulation Advantages and Disadvantages

Jomon and Yayoi Culture

Welcome to Plymouth Rock

Mixing Toxic Chemicals

Jamestown, Democracy Gone Awry

Blowing the Hatch

Cache of Old Syllabi

This Post Means Nothing of Consequence

I Got a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and Science!

Understanding Radioactive Exposure

How Data Science Happens

Social Security Policysplainer

Piedmont Hydrogeology

Formal and Informal Language in English

Groundwater Recharge in Old Cemeteries

Stokes' Theorem and Green's Theorem

Howard County Charter Review

Green's Theorem and the Planimeter

Context of Japanese Syncretism

Gradient Fields Forever

New Chapter on Mathematical Literacy

Howard County Should Free the Zoning Board

A Note on Kanji and Hànzì

Howard County Land Use Rules of Procedure

This is a Test Post

Blockchain Applications for Distributed Data

Program Management Course

Using Rust on the Open Science Grid


Talking About Opportunity Zones in Baltimore

Brexit Cracks Me Up

Sewage Sludge Down on the Farm

Sunspots Will Not Cause an Ice Age

The House Should Refuse to Seat the Georgia Delegation

Howard County, and Everyone Else, Needs the Plastic Bag Tax

A Challenge Problem for Extra Credit

The Size and Structure of the Howard County Council

Parallelized Implementation of bootCI for DCchoice

APL Wins IARPA Geopolitical Forecasting Challenge

Second Thoughts on the Blockchain Revolution

What is Covered Under Flood Insurance

Freshwater Risks from Algae Blooms

Landfills Should Not Pollute the Air and Water

Changing Hydrology for the Better

A Story of Food Bringing Us Together

Rainfall Stationarity

The Lowly Tilefish

Prepare for Hurricane Florence Like a Professional

Teaching Research Methods This Fall

Do you mean to tell me this sucker is nuclear?!

Identity and Trust in Healthcare IT

Some More Math Syllabi

Forecasting Artificial Earth Satellite Populations

Nanotechnology on Your Face

Flood Insurance Reauthorization

Teaching Project Management This Fall

Interview in the Extra Mile

Nanotechnology in Energy

Election Security in Harford County

Wireless Market Consolidation and the Last Mile

The Teletype Sound Effect in the Movies

Bioreactor Landfills

Meiji Land Reforms and Modernization

My Orbit Population Model at JSM

Shrinky Dinks for Custom Tokens, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Little Pony

Errata for Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis

Intermediate Algebra, Spring 2018

Summary of Expected Climate Change Effects on Howard County

Disruptive Event Prediction

Values and Trends in Cybersecurity

Full-Spectrum Technology for Climate Change

Data Science Overhype

Cyanobacteria on the Early Earth

Phonics in JOSS, version 1.0.0 released

Life, the Universe, and Everything

Flood Insurance Renewed...Again

Cybersecurity for Business via Coursera

Elected Chairperson of the Board of Appeals

Three Reasons to Buy Flood Insurance

Climate Change and Business

Postponing American Elections Doesn't Work

Cliff Stoll Has a Hidden Warehouse Under His Home!

Data in Search of a Theory

Call for Chapter Proposals for the Handbook of Military and Defense Operations Research

Audio and Slides from My Talk at JMM

JMM in San Diego Next Week

Why You Should Get Your Flu Shot

Video from Patrick Henderson's Meet the People


Appearing on WBOL on New Year's Day, Let's Talk Taxes

A New Way of Teaching Math

Unlocking the Box

How The Tax Bill Won't Create Jobs

The Return of the GEDI

County Council Seeks New Member for Board of Appeals

ICESat and ICEsat-2

Ethohistorical Note on Dharma

Lottery Luck in the Tax Proposal

XSEDE is Awesome

Bald Eagles and Bioaccumulation

Syllabus for People and Project Administration

Going to NASA Social!

Maryland Defense Force at One Hundred Years

Compost Tea on Clay Soils

Won't Someone Please Think of the Sushi?

Climate Change Will Make Chemical Spills Worse

Democratic Norms and the Settlement of Iceland

Music Festival Pollution Prevention

Analytical Approaches for Organic Compound Properties

The Implementation of the Clean Water Act

Some Hurricane Science

Irma is Not Category 6, but Could be

Maryland Watershed Stewards

Making the Things You Buy Better

Editorial on Texas Flooding in the News and Record

Audio from The Attitude Interview

Listen Live on Thursday, 8/31

Notes on the Moon Treaty

Confederate Soldiers Were Not United States Veterans

No, the Maryland Flag Does Not Have Racist Roots

Some Fun Facts about the Moon and Sun

A Note on the Outer Space Treaty

Notes on Solid Waste Reduction

The Effects of Rising Temperatures

Syllabus for Introduction to Statistics

I Thought the Generals Were Due!

Halloween Changes to Mega Millions Scare Some

Teaching Mathematics Online Call for Proposals

Precedent for Cap-and-Trade Success

The Problem with Offering Flood Insurance Subsidies

The Flush Tax Pays Off

India Adds Solar to its Trains

Ensuring Water Security

Risks from Fracking

Comments on RPN

Eutrophication Reduction Through Local Limits

Discounting Future Risk

The Structure of a Space Corps

Notes on Wastewater Treatment

Summer Math Teaching

Population Dynamics for a Better Future

The Fish Bowl

Power Generation and Decentralization

Testimony on the Long Reach Redevelopment

Geothermal Power in the United States

Model Thinking When All Models are Wrong

Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis is Out Now!

The Long Reach Redevelopment and Master Plan

Presidential Tax Returns and Filing Requirements

The Flood Insurance Purchase Requirement

The Bumblebees are Back, and They're Bad!

The Board of Appeals Seeks a New Member

New Court Decision on Flood Insurance

The New Long Reach Village Center

Crossing the Bridge

Transmitting Chinese Cultural Values

Circular Reasoning

Implications of Coarse Data Allocation Methods for Flood Mitigation Analysis

Students and Customers

Slides from NerdNite Baltimore 8

California Flood Insurance Hurts Everyone

Nerd Nite Baltimore!

Gelman's Candy Weighing Demonstration

Syllabus for Intermediate Algebra

Data Science for Restaurant Inspections

Adam Gopnik Needs to Get Real

Textbook Pricing is Out of Control

Say "Yes" to the Dress

Syllabus for Finite Mathematics

Regulatory Reduction and Benefit-Cost Analysis

The Land of Milk and Honey

A Mathematician, a Different Kind of Mathematician, and a Statistician

And Behind Door #3...

Journal Standards and Accreditation


Blockchains Explained

The Willingness to Pay for Pretrial Diversion

Is Sewing Engineering?

We'll Do It Live!

Syllabus for Foundations of Research Methods

What Goes Around Comes Around, Teaching Edition

Watch my talk at the 2016 Mars Society Convention

My Review of Monogan's Political Analysis Using R

My New Math Assignment Rubric

My Presentation on Martian Economics

Learn How to Manage a Basement Flood

Announcing Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis

These People are Not Qualified to Give Opinions

The Severity of Severe Events is Increasing

What is a 100-year flood?

Being a High-School Dropout, or How I Stopped Worrying and Went to College

Why I Won't Play Greedy Dice

Public Economics and GPS

Deep Analytics and Big Data

Statistical Likelihood of Extreme Events and the Ellicott City Floods

Retrospective Social Discount Rates

Learn How to Prepare for a Tsunami

Tax-Incremental Financing and Downtown Columbia

Of Course NaN^0 = 1

So I Am Not Teaching Calculus After All

NaN versus NA in R

Read My Response to What Parents Need to Know about Pokémon GO

Musings on Teaching Calculus Again

Again, I am Going to Mars...

Makinster's Lectures on Eastern Philosophy

Listen to My Interview About "the Purge" on KPHX

Watch My Interview With Mars One Candidate Heidi Hecht

Runaway Trolley, Never Coming Back

Thoughts on Monty Hall

Someone Will Win and It Probably Won't Be You

Listen to Me Discuss The Purge on KPHX This Saturday

Read My Article, "Public Financial Management" in Syllabus

Brexit Versus Texit

An Accidental Math Professor

Tips For Managing Online Courses

An Engraved Invitation

Five Years at UMUC

Duckpin Bowling for Dollars

Buddhist Meditation and Modern Science

Terrorism Policysplainer

Expanding the Market Through Fear

The Howard County Schools Are Very Sick

Critical Information Acquisition

Hazard, Risk, and Expected Losses

FEMA's Flood Maps Are Not a Scam

You Can Do Anything as a Math Major

Cell Phones Still Don't Cause Cancer

Things That Make You Go Hmm, Brookings Edition

Maslow and Buddhism

Flood Insurance Profits? Maybe Not

It's on the Syllabus

I completed the IoT Specialization on Coursera

Carme Test Plan

The Private Flood Insurance Bill

Carme Design Alternatives

My Dissertation

Socioeconomic Effects of the National Flood Insurance Program is now available

New Balloon Project

Advice for Deploying Agile Analytics

Chernobyl's Liquidators

Watch my Ignite Talk on Stormwater Management

Notes on the Variscite DART-MX6 GPIO Interface

Coping with Disaster at Springer

A Love Note to Kermit

And We All Shine On

TCP and IP

Listen to me talk data science on KFNX's TechTalk

Political Risk and Export Finance

Review of Meta-Analysis with R in JSS

Come see my talk on Maryland's stormwater problem at Ignite Baltimore #18

2016 Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

JSM 2016

Flooding and Cost-Benefit Analysis in Manville, New Jersey

Phonics v0.7.3 with Cologne Phonetic

Learn About Flood Insurance When Renting

Chernobyl as Brownfield

What to Do When Tornados Strike

An Observation on Central Bank Coordination

Now is the Time for Stormwater Reform

Remedial Placements

The Wave Equation in R

Instructor Presence in the Online Classroom

Cheerleading the Online Classroom

Notes on Expected Papal Life Spans

Jimmy Butler is a Communist and Other Cold War Cartoons

Tyler's Paper on the Advantages of Sustainable Mitigation

Sleep with One Eye Open

waterfall 1.0.0 released

Big Data in the Online Classroom

Zika For the Rest of Us

Pennsylvania's Flood Insurance Exchange

Code Coverage Counterexamples

Solar-Powered Trains

Historical Social Discount Rates

Jeg Er En Frø!

EPA Course for Local Governments on Climate Change

CMNA v0.1.0 Released

RFFs Parametric Flood Insurance Proposal

Flood Preparation Tips for Renters via Roomi Connect

The Young Astronauts Program

Inspiring Books

My Robot, or Announcing DC Closings

Circling the Drain

An Inconvenient Poop!

Euler Method in R for the Initial Value Problem

Don't Take the Annuity

Notes on Radon Mitigation

Iceland on Mars

Phonics 0.6.1 Released

Opening Transpolar Shipping Lanes

Talking SMACK

Funny Money in Canada

Reappointed to the Howard County Board of Appeals

Flood Mitigation Mistakes in Tucson


Review on Government-Run Disaster Risk Pools

Phonics is Now on CRAN

A Tyvek Christmas Miracle

Soundex in Phonics

Drone Hobbyists Need to Calm Down About Registration

Teaching Calculus

Playing fair with Geometry

Volokh Conspiracy on the Maryland State Guard

How we externalize other life risks

Health Effects of Climate Change

Don't Cancel Flood Insurance due to Mitigation

Numerical Analysis talk at Statistical Programming DC

Gun Violence is Expensive, So Internalize the Costs

Nina is one of Maryland's Leading Women

Gun-Related Violence is a Recession

Pigeon Flocks for Decision Science

Notes on English

Numerical Analysis in R at Data Community DC

On teaching public finance to public administrators

On using mathematics in the real world

Whistling tunes we hide in the dunes by the seaside

Weird YouTube

Friday the 13th, Again Already

Classroom Regulation

Social Benefits of Voluntary Buyouts Following Flooding

Draft research note on Bitcoin mining pools

Decision and Relative Risk

Mobile Farmers Markets for Food Deserts

My Candidacy for UMUC's Academic Advisory Board

Hardware and Software

Richard Henry Lee was not Dr. Strangelove

Probability at Scale and KIC 8462852

Det är dags att fira

Insuring against disaster

I need matching ties

One useless man posts on Facebook, two respond to it, and three or more become a flamewar

Interstate Love Song...of Confusion

Applying Bayes to KIC 8462852

Illinois's Junk Bonds

Someone will draw the short straw on climate change

Illinois Discovers Land Cover Increases Flooding

1000-year storms in South Carolina

Scientific computing and uncertainty book review

Data science and scientific computing book reviews

You're out of order! The whole operation's out of order!

"I love space robots!"

Stop being so irrational

Like Water for Mars

Voting, Ice Cream, and the Classroom

Caverphone, NYSIIS, and StatCan Added to Phonics Package

Flooding Risk and Environmental Justice

BSD Family Tree Reposted

Metaphone in R

One Ping Only

Take a Left at Albuquerque

Tradecraft Primer from the CIA

I Remember Berenstain as Berenstain

Why This Hammer Costs $435

Planning for Martian Polity now on YouTube

Classical Software Studies

Vasquez on the NFIP

How Many Floating Point Numbers are There?

On Teaching Public Finance

After the Mission, Vision, and Values

The Values Statement

Writing for Mathematical Reviews

On Gerrymandering

The Vision Statement

The Mission Statement

Mission, Vision, and Values

FOILed again!

I wonder how zoning works on Qo'noS

I didn't have time to write a short blog post, so I wrote you a long one

Benefits and Costs

The Cost of Hazard Mitigation

Xerox Printers and the Philosopher's Stone

Flood Control at the Ground Level

Keeping it Real on Deep Space Voyages

Wir sind die Roboter

Thesis on Flood Resistance in Urban Areas

Radians Aren't So Bad

Old Michigan Steams Like a Young Man's Dreams

Criticize Mars One, but Don't Stand in Their Way

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Egg

Syllabus for Public Administration and Public Finance

Slides for the Mars Society Convention

Stop Making 3D Plots

Speed Cameras of the Future

Bitcoin Mining Pools and Income Smoothing

New Swedish Resources

Virtual Bumblebees at MathFest 2015

Odder than a Month of Sundays

Review of Constitutional Calculus by Jeff Suzuki

The gulf between professional mathematicians and most mathematics students

Comments on Logarithmic Measurements

The Value of Working Code

Comments on Logarithmic Bases

I probably shouldn't watch Vikings while writing quizes

Building an FM Beacon

Touchscreens: A New Hope

Flood Insurance and Climate Change

Hello Assent, or My Startup

Pond Life

+++ATD, or Engineers, in SPACE!

Where is New Horizons Going?

Georgia Neese Clark for the $20

Valacer's Article on the NFIP

Beware of Zombie Agencies

Don't Let the Ex-Im Bank Expire

CBO's Analysis of Ex-Im Bank

Take It Down, Amazon

I'm Going to MathFest...

So I'm Going to Mars...

Don't Kill the Mac

Fix Downtown Columbia Parking Now


Only Evil Genius Spontaneously Arises

Bitcoin and Money

Place and Space in the Christianisation Sagas

Wealthier Communities Pay Less for Flood Insurance

Better Extra Credit

Reforming the NFIP

Jeg har besejret det danske dygtighed træ!

Schumer Wants to Abolish WYO

On Being Right and Being Flexible

Stunt Budgeting in Howard County

Economic Effects of the Ex-Im Bank

Tax Incremental Financing Lesson

Nonprofit Project at the End of the Semester

I Told You Rates Weren't Changing

Green Beelievers Update

Analytics as a Service in the Enterprise

Matrix Row Echelon Form in R

Is anybody there? Does anybody care?

Why I Bought a Mega Millions Ticket

Maryland Lottery Proceeds Don't Pay for Education

Negative Interest Rates? Ja bitte!

Management Controls and the Pump

Introducing Green Beelievers

Chip and Signature, What a Waste

Comments on Renaming Internet Explorer

Introducing My Bumblebees

Casual Transhumanism

Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity

An Individual Mandate for Flood Insurance

The Nonprofit Project Takes Off

Teaching for UMUC

Somedays, You Get Lucky

I lost and my rating went up?

Public Financial Management, Week 3

Public Financial Management, Week 2

If I had a hammer...

Team Tracking with Trello

Syllabus for Public Financial Management, 2015

Managerial and Constitutional Values


Public Goods Often Aren't

Radiolab loses at statistics

Guess who (isn't) coming to dinner

It's better than pay-for-play contracts

There are four lights!

Flood Insurance Pricing

Redmond v. Redwood

Federal and State Quarantine Powers

Water for Life, Water for Business

Somebody Killed FOSE


The NFIP and Florida

Insurers React to Climate Change

The Water Century

Big Data for Locals

Cheap Biohacking

LaTeX Dissertation Template for UMBC

Fall 2014: Public Finance and Public Administration

Teaching Finite Mathematics

Reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank

An Airplane Crushed My Water Bottle

Please Selfie After Evacuating

Review of the INFORMS Analytics Maturity Model

Introducing Flood Studies

Chess Engines and Playing Online

My First Math Assignment Rubric

Public Kanban for Public Administration

My First Chess Game

Review of More Fallacies, Flaws and Flimflam

Using Agile Methods for Course Management and Delivery

I got a Doctorate in Public Policy!

One Step Closer to Ending Open Enrollment

Password Requirements

The National Science Foundation Finds Ignorance

Golden Balls Revisited via Radiolab

Tunnel 57

A Theorem on the Consumer Surplus

Unsinkable in Space

Slides for my Dissertation Defense

Financial Metrics for Homeowners' Associations

JMM Slides


My letter in Significance Magazine...

Unboxing Tyvek and Woven Polypropylene Fiber

Income isn't just about more education, quality matters, too

Teacher Training in Higher Education

Slides from SBCA

Howard County and Moody's

Questions about the Benedict XVI's abdication

Presenting "Estimating the Net Social Benefits of the NFIP" at the Benefit-Cost Society Conference in Februrary


Mercurial Histories

Who run Bartertown?

Simply Statistics: On weather forecasts, Nate Silver, and the politicization of statistical illiteracy

Flood Insurance Claims

OMG, this is the way math was meant to be written

Measuring the Impacts of the National Flood Insurance Program

Fiscal Year CPI Indicators

Dissertation Proposal Defended

Dissertation Proposal Defense Slides

Ex-Post Social Discount Rates

Talk on the NFIP at the Graduate Research Symposium

Touchscreen HCI Disorder

Recoding County-Level Data


A RESTful interface for MD5 hashes

The MacOS X open(1) Command

pbcopy and pbpaste

OPM DC Operating Status via Twitter

CALUG Talk on Systems Management with Git


OpenPGP Bot on Twitter

Culture and Transportation

Irresponsible Fearmongering

FreeGrep Now Standard in Minix

FreeGrep v1.1

FreeGrep Ported to Minix and New Release

New FTP Site

Waterfall Charts in R

Shell Script for Remember the Milk

Review of the CA's Business Plan

Review of the Columbia Association's Fiscal Targets

Bad Math from Wow Containers

Working with Mediawiki

PWCrypt is Now at Bitbucket

Policy Entrepreneurship at the Dorr Foundation

Privatizing BWI


Why I am howardjp

Source Code for LX, a Link Shortener

More Old Code at GitHub

FreeGrep is now at GitHub

Financial Advisory Committee Meeting Tonight

The Financial Advisory Committee has Recommenced

The MTA and Underprovision of Services

The Palin Resignation

IRC Memories at Barcamp Baltimore

The Amstrad PC-1512

Transatlantic Coöperation in Financial Regulation

University of Baltimore Blog Continues

Thank You

Who is a Stakeholder?

Greening the Columbia Association

Mass Transit Alternatives for Columbians

CA Openness and Transparency

Baltimore Sun Story on the CA Election

Join My Facebook Page

New University of Baltimore Blog

Fitch Affirms CA's AA Credit Rating

My Candidate Statement for the Columbia Council

Village Revitalization and the Columbia Association

My Candidacy for the Columbia Council

The Great Conversation: Why Twitter Works

On Shining My Shoes

Feeds Fixed!

Financial Advisory Committee Reports to the Columbia Association (3)

Financial Advisory Committee Reports to the Columbia Association (2)

Financial Advisory Committee Reports to the Columbia Association (1)

Graduation from UB


Budget Committee Renamed

PELU Final Report, Revised Edition

PELU Final Report

CA Budget Committee Report on the Proposal to Lower the Assessment Increase Cap

Video of PELU Hearing

Draft PELU Considerations

Letter to the Long Reach Village Board Regarding PELU

PELU Blog Accepting Testimony via Comments

PELU Public Hearing on Land Use Planning Process

New Budget Committee Meetings

California's risky business

Government Bonds Aren't That Reliable

Columbia Needs Municipal Wireless

CA Budget Committee Called Back

Letter to the Columbia Association on the Availability of the Budget Committee during the Spring of 2008

The Legend of the Golem

The Outlaw Bank: A Wild Ride into the Secret Heart of BCCI

Happy Anniversary, Nina!

On the Mobile Internet

New University of Maryland Website

Columbia Association Budget Committee Minutes (January 30, 2008)

Municipal Creditworthiness

Empire on the Hudson: Entrepreneurial Vision and Political Power at the Port of New York Authority

Engaging the Public Through Technology

A Brief Note on Feeds

2008 Budget Committee Final Reports

2008 Budget Committee Wrapup

New City Upon a Hill: A History of Columbia, Maryland

Correction, Budget Meeting on 1/30

Broadcasting Howard County's Governmental Meetings

Intense Debate at

Budget Committee meeting for 1/23 rescheduled

Budget Committee Minutes, 10/24, 11/28

Columbia Association Budget Committee Minutes (November 28, 2007)

Columbia Association Budget Committee Minutes (October 24, 2007)

New PELU Task Force Blog


Budget Committee Letter on the Health Benefits Charge

Follow-up Letter on Non-Disclosure Agreements

Columbia Association Budget Committee Minutes (September 26, 2007)

Columbia Association Budget Committee Minutes (September 20, 2007)

Columbia Association Budget Committee Minutes (August 22, 2007)

New Updates to the Howard County Search

Regarding Non-Disclosure Agreements

Budget Committee minutes, February 7, 2007

2008 Budget Committee Meeting Schedule

Letter regarding non-financial performance metrics

Expansion of CPSAAi Board and Council

Welcome back to Mediawiki

More Additions to the Howard County Search

New Search Buttons for Your Toolbar

Non-financial performance metrics

Scholars Board Minutes for 1/30/2007

SGA election rules fly in the face of free speech

Add the Howard County Search to Your Website

Eulogy for James Patrick Howard

Updates to the Search List