Comments on RPN

I’ve started falling in love with reverse Polish notation (RPN) again. This mostly comes from using PCalc on my iPhone for a lot of calculations, lately. Like so many other kids, I grew up using the Texas Instruments, starting with the TI-82 and TI-85. In college, I “upgraded” to a

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Don’t Kill the Mac

The Wall Street Journal has an editorial that Apple should drop the Macintosh product line and focus on portable consumer electronics, the iPhone and its spawn. Since the WSJ has a crappy paywall, and I don’t want to pay, I’ll just assume this is an accurate reflection. Macworld provides an

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pbcopy and pbpaste

The Unix command line has historically interacted poorly with the numerous graphical interfaces that have been stacked upon it. One key area lacking support is the clipboard. MacOS X brings two utilities to close that gap, pbcopy and pbpaste. These commands together provide complete access to the MacOS X clipboard

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