• Watch my Ignite Talk on Stormwater Management
  • syllabus It’s on the Syllabus (5/23/2016) - This morning, Thomas Leeper writes in his blog about the redundancy of the syllabus and how so many young professors are forced to reinvent the wheel every term: That nearly all departments offer a similar set of courses and that each of those courses is nearly identical to its analogue at other institutions, reflects a ... Read more...
  • Coursera CLK88WSXRQVQ I completed the IoT Specialization on Coursera (5/16/2016) - I completed the Internet of Things specialization from the University of California, Irvine, through Coursera. I got my certificate, screen shotted above, tonight. Learn more about my capstone project, a high-altitude balloon system, on the Carme project page.
  • Picture_taken_at_aprox._100,000_feet_above_Oregon_by_Justin_Hamel_and_Chris_Thompson Carme Test Plan (5/15/2016) - This week in the Coursera IoT Capstone Course, we had to complete a test plan document. The plan had to include both component and integration testing. I have posted the test plan document to the Carme Project page. Image by Justin Hamel via Wikimedia Commons.

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    The suspense is terrible. I hope it’ll last.

    Well, I posted it before. It suddenly seems relevant again.