Welcome to Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Colony offers a counterpoint to the corporate colonization of Jamestown if only because the Mayflower missed its destination. The Mayflower was intended to arrive in Virginia with additional settlers for the growing Virginia colony. However, the ship was forced to put ashore at what is today Plymouth Rock in

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Mixing Toxic Chemicals

Nina asked me about Miamisburg, Ohio, recently. In 1986, I lived about 35 miles away from Miamisburg when a CSX train derailed, releasing a toxic cloud over a large part of the region. Separate cars carrying phosphorus, molten sulfur, tallow, and other fun stuff all started to leak into the

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Blowing the Hatch

Something caught my attention. I watched The Right Stuff last night and was looking up something about Gus Grissom. Grissom’s Liberty Bell 7 flight has been the subject of great controversy over how the hatch was blown after splashdown. The hatch blow resulted in a loss of the vehicle, though

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