Bioreactor Landfills

One of the more interesting anaerobic processes is the breakdown of municipal solid waste in landfills. I grew up not far from what we called Rumpke Mountain, the sixth largest landfill in the United States. Landfills typically require venting because anaerobic processes consume the solid waste within the landfill, producing

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Risks from Fracking

Fracking, properly, hydraulic fracturing, has a number of tradeoffs. From a purely economic standpoint, fracking is a very expensive way of extracting natural gas out of the ground. So natural gas prices must be fairly high in order to support the fracking process. That said, efficiencies are pushing down the

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Chernobyl’s Liquidators

At this moment, thirty years ago, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near Pripyat, Ukraine, suffered a “catastrophic power increase,” commonly called a meltdown, that killed 31 people. This post is not to retell the story of Chernobyl. A magnificant 2006 documentary, The Battle of Chernobyl tells the story well enough

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