Is Sewing Engineering?

Last night, Nina spent some time working on a holiday dress for Ducky. There will be another post about this next week, but Nina hit me with a question, How is this not engineering? And I responded, “It is.” But that’s only half the story. As I post on a lot of different subjects, I usually like to make sure at least one of the tags for each post is a top-level subject and for a list, I like to use Wikipedia Outline of Academic Disciplines.1 So I figured that sewing would somehow or another fall under materials science or

Read My Response to What Parents Need to Know about Pokémon GO

There’s been a lot of talk about the Pokémon-based robberies, the Pokémon stabbing, and even a guy who quit his job to play Pokémon full time. There’s often a reaction when something new and different comes out, and we are used to it. Every generation complains the next is going to hell. Today’s edition brings a game that has swept the English-speaking world and will soon take the rest. Amanda Yates of Highya asks what parents need to know about Pokémon GO. While there’s a focus on risks, I told the story of how my children and I play the

Carme Design Alternatives

This week in the Coursera IoT Capstone Course, we had to complete a design document. However, unlike a true design document, the requirements specified a list of options for potential design, along with evaluation and selection. this makes it much closer to a design alternatives document. Anyway, I have posted the design alternatives document to the Carme Project page. Image by Justin Hamel via Wikimedia Commons.

New Balloon Project

I’ve talked about it quite a bit, and even mentioned it here, but the kids and I are planning to build a space robot. We’ve wanted to do this for several years, and have slowly gotten closer to our goal. We began by constructing the “Ground Robot” that is a simple FM beacon described in the link above. Our next goal is to do a tethered balloon flight followed by a free flying balloon flight. At the same time, I am taking the Internet of Things specialization on Coursera. I decided to make the balloon-based system my capstone project. Also,

Richard Henry Lee was not Dr. Strangelove

Following last week’s discussion of John Adams and 1776, we made the kids listen to the soundtrack on a car trip over weekend. Also, we used the 1997 revival with Brent Spiner as Adams. During “The Lees of Old Virginia,” we stopped the recording to talk to Chase about Richard Henry Lee. The musical portrays Lee as a buffoon, but he was really a great colonial leader. We also talked to Chase about how his right hand had been injured, leading him to cover it with a black handkerchief. I asked Chase if he knew of anyone else who covered