Jomon and Yayoi Culture

I am taking a course on Japanese history for funsies so expect to see a fair bit of Japanese history popping up here over the next few months… The Jomon and Yayoi cultures predated modern Japanese culture on the Japanese islands. It is important to understand these are not proto-Japanese

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Chernobyl’s Liquidators

At this moment, thirty years ago, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near Pripyat, Ukraine, suffered a “catastrophic power increase,” commonly called a meltdown, that killed 31 people. This post is not to retell the story of Chernobyl. A magnificant 2006 documentary, The Battle of Chernobyl tells the story well enough

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A Love Note to Kermit

Occasionally, I post some pictures and notes on hardware projects we have going on in the Cybernetics Laboratory, which is to say, my desk. One thing that always comes up a program called Kermit, originally built by Columbia University, now maintained by the Kermit Project. Kermit has been around since

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