Say “Yes” to the Dress

One thing I am sure my students hate is that I don’t give extra credit. I’ve talked about this before, and there is no reason to rehash them. But I do like to add something when I can use extra credit to push their boundaries, or something neat. Last semester, while teaching precalculus, Nina decided to make a dress for Ducky. She made a small math error when she first did the calculations and the results were clearly incorrect at the end. Fortunately, we caught that before she started working from them, and we got it together on round two.

Announcing Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis

For about two years, I’ve been working on a book called Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis with R (CMNA), which will present an outline of numerical analysis topics with original (and simplified) implementations in R at a level appropriate for a graduate student or advanced undergraduate. Last night, I sent the latest draft to my editors, and I am quite pleased to say it should be heading into production, soon. The organizational structure of the text is based roughly on the organizational structure of MAPL 460 15-20 years ago: Introduction to Numerical Analysis Error Analysis Linear Equations Interpolation and Extrapolation

So I Am Not Teaching Calculus After All

Well, no sooner had I posted my note about teaching calculus again this fall when UMUC changed my schedule. This is not unusual for me (though I may be unusual in this regard at UMUC, it’s a bit unclear). I occasionally end up getting put in other classes than planned at the last minute. Part of this stems from the fact I have taught almost the entire undergraduate mathematics curriculum, and part of it is I just don’t mind the challenge of something good new. This fall, I will be teaching MATH 115 Precalculus. I have taught precalc several times

Musings on Teaching Calculus Again

I am teaching calculus again this fall after a few months off from teaching. This will be interesting. Last spring I taught calculus for the first time and it was the first time in a while I had taught a new class. One thing I am looking forward to is redeveloping some of the assessment material. When teaching an online class it is harder and harder to reach out to students and ensure they are learning something constructive. One of the ways I have addressed this is to develop assessments (think quizzes and tests) that really capture new information. I